About Us

Business History

Main Street Marketplace opened its doors in 1984. Originally the store was primarily an antique store with some gifts and gourmet foods. The original store was located only in the north side of the present Main Street Marketplace.  In the following years, more and more gift lines were added and the candy and gourmet foods sections grew. In January 1996, our neighbor, Broadway Optical, moved to a larger location in the Waupaca Woods Mall and this allowed us to expand into the south half of the Beadleston Building. With the additional room, we could expand our gift lines and cards as well as add a seating area for our coffee and ice cream customers. We also felt it was important to keep wider isles to accommodate our handicapped customers and parents with strollers. 

In 1997, we purchased the entire Beadleston Building and immediately renovated the exterior of the building. The building had been painted in the 1940's and we felt it was important to restore the paint as it had become apart of the history of the building.

We have a list of improvements and additions to Main Street Marketplace that we are planning. As over 90% of our customers are local residents, we feel it is important to offer new items and lines as well as support the quality products that our customers have become accustomed to.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kent & Bernadette Pegorsch


Our Mission Statement

Main Street Marketplace will present our merchandise in a way that reflects how we feel about our merchandise -- with imagination, well thought-out displays that flow with pattern and color and displays that inspire our customer's need for our products.

 To accomplish this Main Street will offer:

-Quality, personal service with a smile!

-Neat, clean well organized store!

-Quality, useful merchandise that is a good value and meets our standards and our customers' standards for style and design!