Raw Wildflower Honey

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  • Varies with the season, a wonderful example of a local honey with diverse sources.
  • Floral sources include black locust, star thistle, bird's foot trefoil, crown vetch, clover, alfalfa and blackberry.
  • With mild floral overtones, it complements pears, peaches and warm muffins.
  • Our raw honey is never heated warmer than a beehive, and gently strained but never filtered.
  • Handled carefully every step of the way from our hives to you, preserving all the natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.

A true wildflower honey is so unique to its specific locale that a honey lover might well be able to name its place of origin simply by tasting it. Seasonal variations add another layer of complexity, lending distinctive characters to the honey gathered at various times of year.

Our raw wildflower honey is the distilled nectar of blooms special to our central Wisconsin locale. Black locust, star thistle, bird’s foot trefoil, and crown vetch mingle with clover, alfalfa, and blackberry, blended by our bees to create a distinctive harmony of flavors.

Our Wisconsin terroir produces such a delectable wildflower honey that we're sometimes asked to ship it overseas.

Waupaca’s soil, climate, and vegetation are known for yielding an exquisite wildflower honey.  Unlike some beekeepers, we place our beehives near flowering woodland meadows out in nature, ensuring a pure, raw honey just as the bees intended it.
Bernadette & Kent, OwnersKent, co-owner and beekeeper, handles his bees’ honey from the moment it leaves their hives until it reaches you. By carefully extracting, bottling, and storing it on-site, he ensures you receive all the benefits and vital nutrients that his bees offer you… a naturally delicious, sweet treat.

Harvested with care and love from our own hives in Wisconsin woodland areas filled with naturally growing wildflowers.

With every purchase, you support a family business for whom bees are not just a way of life, but a passion. By supporting our beekeeping, you ensure that we’re able to maintain a happy, healthy population of local pollinators, whose benefits to our world extend far beyond honey itself.

Note: Five pound size will be shipped in handy plastic squeeze container to reduce breakage.