Raw Buckwheat Honey

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    • Buckwheat honey contains more antioxidants and other beneficial compounds than most other honeys.
    • A stout and complex honey with a malty flavor and hints of mossy earth. Not-so-sweet with a pronounced bright finish.
    • Mix with butter over cornbread, oatmeal, or any food that maple syrup would complement.
    • Our raw honey is never heated warmer than a beehive, and gently strained but never filtered.
    • Handled carefully every step of the way from the hives to you, preserving all the natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.
    • Sourced from a trusted beekeeper in Montana.
  • For millennia, honey has been used for medicinal purposes. Records from clay tablets show honey in 1/3 of all prescriptions. The ancient Egyptians left pots of honey that survive to this day in perfectly edible condition.

    Buckwheat honey in particular offers a veritable smorgasbord of beneficial ingredients—antioxidants, macronutrients, and trace elements—at levels much higher than in most other varietals.

    Pure, raw honey just as the bees intended.
    Never filtered or heated warmer than a beehive.

    By sourcing and bottling this honey from our trusted friend in Montana, we ensure its purity from the moment it leaves their hives until it reaches you. Each jar includes all the benefits and vital nutrients that bees offer you… a naturally delicious, sweet treat.

    With every purchase, you support a family business for whom bees are not just a way of life, but a passion. By supporting our beekeeping, you ensure that we’re able to maintain a happy, healthy population of local pollinators, whose benefits to our world extend far beyond honey itself.