Raw Berry Blossom Honey

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Moderately fruity in flavor with a delicate, slightly buttery finish, it is light amber to amber in color (between wildflower and buckwheat in color) depending on the year.  Sources include wild blackberries, wild raspberries, foodplot buckwheat and clovers. Berry Blossom Honey’s excellent flavor pairs well with yogurt, walnuts,  melons,  and ice cream.  It is also great mild sweetener (compared to Buckwheat’s stronger flavor) on pancakes and waffles.

These delicate blooms yield a crisp, distinctive honey distilled from their nectar. The exquisitely refreshing character of this honey is so surprising that you may well exclaim out loud—to whomever happens to be nearby—that it’s like no other honey you’ve ever tasted.

Pure, raw honey just as the bees intended.  Never filtered or heated warmer than a beehive

Our Berry Blossom honey comes from an excellent location here near Indian Valley Road in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Unlike some beekeepers, we place our beehives out in nature, ensuring a pure, raw honey just as the bees intended it. S

  • Pairs well with slices of fresh green apples and Asian pears. Delicious drizzled over fromage blanc, and added to herbal teas as an invigorating twist.

  • Remarkably unlike other varietals, with a lingering aftertaste as well-loved by those familiar to it, as unexpected by those first trying it.

  • Our raw honey is never heated warmer than a beehive, and gently strained but never filtered.

  • Handled carefully every step of the way from our hives to you, preserving all the natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.