Our November Newsletter update

Posted by Kent Pegorsch on

With the Holiday season fast approaching we would normally be looking forward to our 33rd Annual Holiday Open House, Deer Widows Weekend, and Thanksgiving Weekend.  But this is not a normal year.  Wisconsin is in crisis.  Waupaca is in crisis.  Covid-19 is hurting too many families.

But there is something we can all do… and it’s not hard.

Wear a mask

Wash our hands

Social distance

Avoid crowed places

Gather only with those in your household

In order to keep our customers, our employees, and ourselves safe we strongly feel that 2020 is not the year to encourage “girls shopping weekends” at Main Street Marketplace.  But we we will happily pause the fun and excitement of those festive busy weekends this year, and focus instead on creating a safe, pleasant, comfortable, and relaxing holiday atmosphere.

To do this we will:

Continue to limit the number of shoppers at one time in the store so social distancing is easy.

Require everyone to properly wear a mask covering both nose and mouth at all times.

Ask you to stay home if you are sick or have been around someone sick.

 ------  Please Note-------

We are unable to accept groups over 3 people - so please plan ahead so it doesn’t get awkward.

Our hours will remain Tuesday through Friday 10 – 1.

On Black Friday and all Saturdays from 10-1 we will now be offering 30 minute shopping appointments for up to 3 people.  Appointments must be made by the day before by calling the store during open hours at 715-258-9160.  To keep things simple we will only take appointments by phone, not by email, Facebook, or Messenger, only by phone.  No same day appointments. No walk-ins. Maximum 3 people. These appointments are filling up fast so please plan ahead.

----Additional Notes-----

We are very short staffed with just the two of us this year so it would be very helpful to place your fudge orders of any size early so you won’t be disappointed.  Just give us a call to let us know what flavor/s you would like and when.

If you would like to order gifts online for us to ship to the lucky recipient keep in mind that shipping will likely take a lot longer than other years so it is best to get those orders in as soon as possible. And we may not be able to place and receive re-orders of items we sell out of as many companies are already sold out of popular gifts. So again, please shop early…and thank you!

Happy Holidays.    Be Safe.     Be Kind

Kent and Bernadette