Steamy Show Mist - 4 OZ - Honey Hill Woods

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Transform your bathroom into a spa escape with this fragrance mist. Made with pure essential oils and water, this spray mingles with the steam from your bath or shower to create a cloud of relaxing scent.

How to Use: Turn on the water for a shower or bath. Before you step in, mist the air 5-10 times to disperse scent vapor into the steam. Step in and say ahhh!


  • Mingles with steam to create a calming cloud of scent
  • Relaxes the senses as you bathe
  • Transform your bathroom into a spa escape


  • Honey Hill Woods: the earthy, piney scent of a hike in the forest.
  • Essential Oils: Pure plant oils like bergamot, jasmine, and sage that create a wholesome scent experience.
  • Pure Water: Helps dilute and carry the oils so that they disperse evenly into the air.

Water and a blend of Joan's natural essential oils