Republic of Tea - Blackberry Sage Black (50 Bags)

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Black Tea

Black tea is the most common tea in North America. The best black tea is produced when withered tea leaves are rolled and allowed to oxidize and dry, developing natural flavor, color, and body in the leaf. Boasting numerous health benefits, black tea contains about half the caffeine of coffee and twice that of green tea. It is popular iced or hot as a breakfast tea, often enjoyed with sugar, milk, or lemon.

  • A Beautiful Blend: This elegant black tea is carefully infused with fruits and herbs, blackberry and sage for a sweet yet gentle flavor.
  • Tea for Wisdom: Blackberry Sage Black Tea is known to clear the mind and improve awareness.
  • Finest Ingredients: Fine black tea, white sage herb, and natural blackberry flavor are blended to achieve a soothing fragrance.
  • Tea Lover's Delight: One of The Republic of Tea's most popular teas, our fans absolutely adore this beverage.
  • Health Benefits: Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Carb Free, and zero calories.