Octavia Tea - Tea Pockets

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(fill-your-own tea bags)

Now you can enjoy the quality of loose-leaf tea with the convenience of a tea bag!  Tea Pockets make brewing loose tea easier than ever. 

Unlike other fill-your-own tea bags, Tea Pockets are self-sealing and come with a string attached for easy removal after steeping.  Tea Pocket's ultra-thin, almost transparent material allows water to completely circulate through the leaves, which yields a better tasting cup of tea.  Tea pockets are disposable, bleach-free, adhesive-free and have no paper taste.  Great for tea on the go.     

50 fill-your-own tea bags per box.

NEW STYLE (Fall 2018)! The material is now thinner and more transparent, with a subtle, decorative Japanese-floral print. This new style is less wasteful, shows off the appearance of your loose tea leaves, and promotes a better tasting infusion.