Octavia Tea - Silver Mountain Water

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oolong tea

Often a favorite among connoisseurs, oolong tea is prized for its anti-aging properties and body-slimming effects. Silver Mountain Water is a classic, reserve-grade oolong with a smooth, creamy texture and a profoundly sweet, aromatic flavor. Sit back and savor this tea's flavorful echoes of sun-warmed figs, raisin sugar and honeysuckle.

Silver Mountain Water is lightly oxidized and closer in character to a green tea, but with an enhanced smoothness, floral aroma and fruity finish.  The exceptional quality and complex, fresh flavor of this tea makes it a staff favorite!  Highly recommended.

  • Oolong tea

This tea is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Also called "Jade Oolong" or "Four Seasons" from Nantou, Taiwan