Octavia Tea - Jasmine Green

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Organic, fair trade green tea

Capturing the scent of a country garden after a spring rain, this classic, antioxidant-rich green tea imparts the seductive, soothing fragrance of wild jasmine in every cup. Jasmine tea is said to lower cholesterol, ease anxiety and promote well-being.

Originating in China, jasmine tea comes from tealeaves that are blended with fresh jasmine flowers in a traditional scenting process.  The tea absorbs the natural essence of jasmine, even though the flowers are later removed.  Jasmine tea is recommended by traditional Chinese medicine to decrease anxiety, increase circulation, aid digestion and break down saturated fat.  With its intoxicating, floral aroma, jasmine tea is also considered a romance enhancer.

  • Organic, Fair Trade Certified green tea
  • Organic jasmine

This tea is Fair Trade Certified and USDA Certified Organic.

Hubei, China