Gift Box Collection - Bird Lover's Set

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Our specially curated gift box collections take the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift.  Each one is filled with beautiful, meaningful, and carefully selected products that are sure to create lasting memories.

Getting outside and mindfully watching birds in their habitat is an effective and reliable way to gain perspective and relieve stress. Our Bird Lover's Set celebrates the joy and happiness our feathered friends can bring outside as well as inside. Six little birds perch on a wire seeming to discuss the day's events on the lightweight wooden print which stands well on its own but can also be hung on a wall. - A delicate fern is set inside of our vintage look metal planter complete with curled handle and tiny bird. - And two friendly little chickadees complete the scene.  This collection can sit all together on a coffee table, shelf, or top of cabinet or dresser, as well as be scattered throughout the house to bring a little life to every room.