Celtic Strength Pendants

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May your spirit be strong, and your heart be bold. 

Artist's Note: Celtic knot work patterns have been used for centuries as symbols of connection, protection, and good luck. And, let’s be honest, because they look awesome. When I started to design these knots, I wanted to capture each one's simplicity, along with the complexity behind the simple facade. The final knots look simple, but if you follow the path created by the single line, you will find some unexpected turns, just like life.    - Bob H.

These striking new pendants, with their powerful inscriptions on the back, are sure to be a hit with everyone who loves Celtic knot work designs. Each pendant comes on a story-card. They look great when paired with a leather cord, silky cording, or with your favorite chain (not included). Fine pewter, size approx 1 3/4" tall and 7/8" wide, 100% lead free.

Pendant only - chain or cord not included

Handcrafted in the USA.